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Southern Arizona Reptile Rescue & Education is dedicated to rescuing reptiles and giving them a temporary home until they find new, loving families. We receive many reptiles for a variety of reasons. We work with Arizona Game & Fish, Humane Society of Southern Arizona, PACC and several other rescues throughout Arizona. Call us at 808-747-6445 if you have found a lost reptile, need to surrender a reptile, or are interested in adopting or volunteering.

Rescue, Relocate, Rehab, Educate

We opened our doors to the public in June of 2018. It quickly became clear to us that there is a great need in Tucson for a Reptile Rescue. We took in over 90 reptiles our first 6 months. Because we are licensed with Arizona Game & Fish, we are able to legally provide a safe relocation for native reptiles that find themselves in an unwanted situation, such as rattlesnakes and Gila Monsters. Being an educational force in our community is very important to us... so much so, that we included it in our name. We provide entertaining and interactive Educational Presentations to schools, clubs, Senior Homes, community groups - anyone that is interested in having us bring our Reptile Ambassadors and get a unique learning experience with live animals and a hands-on opportunity. We also offer a unique service for those that want something different than a traditional birthday party...Reptile Adventure Birthday Parties! Our exciting Reptile Adventure Birthday Parties start at just $150!

Finding New Homes

We have a basic screening process for those interested in adopting one of our reptiles. Simply request an Adoption Application and we will work through the process with you. Our commitment is to the animals above all else, so only qualified applicants will be able to adopt. We want to make sure that our reptiles go to a home and family that understands their individual needs and requirements, and have prepared properly to provide and care for them. We will ask for photos of the yard, enclosure, etc as a means to help us judge whether or not you have everything you need before the animal goes home with you. We may ask you additional questions in order to clarify any unclear answers in your application. Again, this is simply to make sure that our reptiles go to a home that is prepared and able to provide for their unique needs. As well as caring for and fostering our reptiles until they are adopted, we are also happy to provide support and guidance if you are having any troubles with your pet. If you are interested in adoption, we are happy to advise how to properly look after your chosen new friend. We do require a minimal adoption fee for our reptiles. This fee helps to pay for food for the animals. We also require an adoption fee to help prevent "flipping" of animals and to create a commitment from would be owners. We will lower or waive fees for animals that will be used in a classroom setting, but all other requirements remain in place.

Our Team

Our Team Members are all Volunteers and donate their time to Southern Arizona Reptile Rescue. All of our Team Members have unique and special skills that help in the everyday operations of our rescue. Our original Team started with myself, Cressi., and Joleen, Timothy and Jorge. Cressi - Founder, Executive Director As the Founder and Executive Director of SARRE, I have loved, owned and worked with reptiles for over 30 years. I have worked in a veterinary hospital for over 7 years, and have previously run a small rescue in Kingman, AZ. I have been licensed with AZ Game and Fish originally since 2006. In April of 2019, I traveled to Mosca, Colorado to attend the World Famous Colorado Gators Alligator Wrestling Class. Southern Arizona Reptile Rescue & Education is my passion and my dream to be able to provide a safe haven for reptiles and teach the world to love and respect reptiles of all kinds. Joleen - Director of Legless Joleen is a Professional Dog Groomer by trade, and has loved reptiles her entire life. At the age of 10 years old, (1990) Joleen and her Mom, Cressi started the first Reptile 4-H Club, Leapin' Lizards. Together they researched the necessary literature to provide a curriculum to the 4-H program. Their original curriculum included such topics as heating and lighting requirements, housing needs, dietary requirements for both carnivores and herbivores, reptile diseases and illnesses, field herping and identification, handling techniques, and general husbandry. Today there are hundreds of Reptile 4-H Clubs across the country. Joleen enjoys working the Educational Presentations and also working with our larger snakes. Timothy - Assistant Director of Legless Timothy is fairly new to the Reptile world, but is an avid snake fan since acquiring his first snake, LeStat, a juvenile Fireball Ball Python. Timothy participates in many of our Community Events such as Bookman's monthly Reptile Meet & Greet. Timothy also enjoys going on Rattlesnake and Gila Monster Relocation calls. Jorge - Volunteer Extraordinaire Jorge is our jack of all trades volunteer. He is always ready to help out with everything from cleaning cages, helping at presentations and community events, assisting with rattlesnake and Gila Monster relocations, to driving to Phoenix to pick up a rescue animal. Jorge is a great Team Member to have.


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